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Permanent Makeup Lip Liner

Permanent Lip Liner

Permanent Lip liner prolongs the wear of any topical lip color. Having Permanently Applied lip liner as a base not only perfectly contours and re defines your natural lip shape but also helps prevent the colour from bleeding or feathering making it a dream for lipstick / Lip gloss lovers.

Together we will mix a bespoke pigment just for you, i usually recommend a shade that is close to the lipstick you’ll be wearing or complements your natural lip colour.

There are some ladies that like to have a matching liner for each of their lipsticks. But really, the lip liner that we select for you will match all of the most popular lip shades you choose to wear.

Although all colour mixes are bespoke to you, my most popular three shades of lip liner: natural lip Reds , bright or baby pinks,  and au naturel nude tones

These three most popular colours do the trick for most women’s lipstick collection of about two dozen.

The red collections work with any red lipsticks and orangey-red tones. The pinks can be  used with any variation of similar coloured lipsticks, glosses and tints  or if you want to give your naturally pink lips a deeper hue. The au naturel nudes work very well to give a base to almost any colour in your collection; this effect looks amazing paired with pinks, browns or nudes.


“Before I discovered the wonders of permanent lip liner, I would have to check my lipstick every half hour to make sure I wasn’t left with an unsightly smear on my face. And after a few glasses of wine, most of my lipstick would be gone but not anymore!

Really, I can’t stress enough how permanent lip liner has changed my lipstick life. I may be missing a set of false eye lashes by the end of the night, but my lip-liner shall remain!

Denise Warner, Leeds


If you would like the most subtle and naturally symmetrical Lip shape then

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Permanent Lip

Permanent Makeup Lip Blush

Permanent Lip Blush

Replace naturally receding lip colour with a newly perfect shape, increasing the volume for the perfect pout. So natural only you will know!


The end result will not be a lipstick look, instead it will be more like lip gloss, which is perfect for any occasion at any time of day.

Permanent Makeup
Full Lip Colour


3D Lip Pout

A perfect defined crisp border with a perfect blush and lighter colours blending into the middle of the lip creating a 3D pouting effect.




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